Our students receive extensive training
based on C.H.A.3 Kenpo (Central Hawaiian
Activities) and the Hawaii based Kajukenbo
Self-Defense System (K.S.D.I.), which are
two of the most effective self-defense arts
available. All of our instructors have been
personnally trained by Grand Master
Benny "Frankie" Luna
, a Master in both
Kenpo and Kajukenbo.

In todays social and economic times, it is
essential that everyone has some knowledge
of self-defense. We currently have students
that range from 5 to 65 years of age. Our young students learn discipline and self-confidence while many of our older students feel an overall improvement in their physical condition.
We continually strive to meet the needs of all
of our "Ohana", or family.
This includes our Ohana friendly rates.
You'll find our rates to be 50% lower than
the average rate of other schools in the
Las Vegas Valley area.

Visit us on FaceBook "OhanaKenpoKarate"

Visit us on FaceBook "OhanaLV"

Dojo Hours
Monday thru Thursday: 6-8pm
Saturday: 9:30-11:00am
Sunday: 9:30-11:00am

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