Grand Master Benny LunaGrand Master Benny Luna was born October 21, 1938 in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 1953, he began his private Kenpo training with the late Professor Marino Tiwanak. In 1956, the Professor invited Benny Luna to join the ranks at the historical landmark “Palama Settlement”. While there, he trained under distinguished instructors, such as Sijo Adriano Emperado, Joe Emperado and Professor Tiwanak.

Sijo Adriano “Sonny” Emperado later founded the Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute (K.S.D.I.) and during the same period, Professor Marino Tiwanak founded the Central Hawaiian Activities 3 (C.H.A. 3) Kenpo. Meanwhile, Benny Luna continued to train with some of the biggest names in Hawaiian martial arts, which eventually earned him the rank of Grand Master in Kajukenbo and Kenpo. In 2001, Grand Master Benny Luna came out of retirement to privately train a select few students. Over the next few years, many students were added to his class, which eventually led to the opening of his own school in August of 2010 in Henderson NV. Through Grand Master Lunas’ vast connections, Ohana Kenpo proved training with experts in other forms of martial arts, and regularly invites other guest instructors.